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Dedicated to Service

I have spent my life serving the community, from being a VISTA Volunteer right out of college, to a career working for former Congressman David Bonior and representing union members for the American Federation of Teachers-Michigan, AFL-CIO. I have been the Executive Director for the Interfaith Center for Racial Justice and worked with many non-profit organizations.  I hope to bring those skills to the County Commission.

Keeping us Safe and

As your County Commissioner I will make decisions based on compassion, data and science, and with an understanding that we cannot do thing just because it is how we have done things in the past.

I support economic development focused on our small businesses and their employees to help them get through this pandemic. We need solutions that benefit both health and business, it is not an “either or” situation.

I will focus on how we target county government services for those most at risk, and help neighbors who are in need because of health issues, unemployment, lost housing, or who are isolated at home.