Control the Virus, Build Back Better

“My goal as County Commissioner will be to work for solutions that protect people’s health and rebuild our economy.” – Julie Matuzak

The Covid-19 virus is still causing problems for our health and community.

We must all do our part to contribute to containing the spread of Covid-19 by washing our hands, wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance from each other.  Wearing a mask should not be a political statement, it is a way to help each other and to control the spread of the virus. 

If we control the virus, we can safely open up schools and businesses.  Our children and educators will be safe, people can return to their jobs, and we can rebuild the economy.

As your County Commissioner, I would support public health efforts to:

  • Keep you informed about best practices to stay healthy and contain the spread of the virus;
  • Encourage county government to target help for those most at risk – senior citizens, those living in group settings and people of color;
  • Develop public-private partnerships to support front line workers and neighbors who are in need of food and housing assistance.

As your County Commissioner, I would support economic recovery efforts that:

  • Reach out to small businesses and identify programs that are available to them;
  • Ensure special funding reaches small businesses in a timely fashion to get them through this pandemic and keep people employed;
  • Expand Covid-19 testing sites and test which give results in hours, not days, so we can help those that are contagious and protect students, educators and employees returning to work.


Julie Matuzak’s COVID plan

  • Expand faster COVID test results and contact tracing
  • Use test results to focus on highest risk groups or communities
  • Make the best use of state and federal dollars to support a healthy economy
  • Prepare for a possible second COVID wave
  • Develop strong public-private partnerships to support
    • Front line workers
    • Neighbors who are in need
    • Businesses who are at risk

Essential Services

I am running for Commission because I am concerned that the County continue to provide essential services, especially to our seniors and those affected by the Covid crisis, in the most efficient and safest way possible.  I really hate when people say “we have always done it this way’ because if the Pandemic has taught us anything it is that we need new and creative ways to offer our services and keep our citizens, staff and volunteers safe. We must also focus available resources on helping our businesses recover, keeping people employed, and working towards a living wage. 


I want to help the county recognize and embrace the diversity that is growing in our community.  This census will show we are much more diverse, racially and ethnically, that most people realize.  Our hiring, promotion and contract bidding process must incorporate that change.  We must make Macomb County a welcoming place to work, where people are valued for their skills and knowledge, and we must expand our recruitment efforts to include community leaders and organizations.

County Budget

The effect of this Pandemic and the resulting economic slowdown is going to play havoc on the county budget.  How we make those budget decisions is important.  I pledge to make decisions based on data, compassion, and a commitment to equity.  If cuts are needed they must be made in an equitable way and must include input from the people who actually do the work, they know better than anyone what can be cut and what is essential.

Ethics Reform

I am running because I am committed to taking on the embarrassing corruption we have seen lately.  I want to create tougher ethic rules to prohibit conflicts of interest.  We should ban gifts and campaign contributions from people who have, or are seeking contracts with the County, and make a publically accessible database of who is doing business with the County.  We must do better and I believe in leading by example.  I don’t have any family members working for the County. I don’t have any contracts with the County and I am not taking campaign contributions from people who are vendors with the County.